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Boost Productivity by Hiring Someone to Slap Your Face If You Go Off Task

Like many of us, Maneesh Sethi gets distracted by the Interweb at work and his productivity suffers because of it (ahem, and yes, I realize you’re probably doing the same thing by reading Neatorama right now – mea culpa!). [...]

Aboard the L Train, Luncheon Is Served

Imagine a fancy luncheon -served on a subway train! That’s exactly what happened in New York City on Sunday, aboard the L train bound for Brooklyn. The guests only knew they were there for an “underground dining experience.” What they got was an experience, all right. The event was the work of several supper clubs, and [...]

Move Over, Tiger Mother! Meet Panda Dad …

Move over, Tiger Mothers, there’s a new parental authority figure who offers a different idea of child-rearing than chaining your kids to the piano. Meet Alan Paul, who called himself Panda Dad: During our first weeks in Beijing, we attended a talent show at our children’s British school and watched Chinese students ascend the stage and [...]

Bus Safety Rules to be Rewritten Because of People are Now Too Fat

Are buses less safe today? Yes, according to the Federal Transit Authority, because of … fat people. So it’s rewriting the rules to ensure bus safety: The Federal Transit Authority (FTA) proposes raising the assumed average weight per bus passenger from 150 pounds to 175 pounds, which could mean that across the country, fewer people will [...]

Please Wear Underpants Beneath Your Kilt

The Scottish Tartans Authority, an organization which provides guidance for Scottish traditions, says that it’s time for kilt-wearers to begin wearing underpants: The Scottish Tartans Authority has decreed that refusing to put on underwear beneath a kilt is “childish and unhygienic”. It also warned that “going commando” flies in the face of decency. Tartans Authority director Brian Wilton [...]