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Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator

Somehow I have lived the past few years without having ever heard of Food Replicator, a Star Trek-themed food blog. Especially noteworthy is the author’s attention to the delicacies of Ferenginar, such as jellied gree-worms. Yummy! Above you can see a gingerbread version of the standard Starfleet communicators used during the original series. Here’s how the [...]

From Classics to Graphics: 6 Literary Masterpieces Turned Into Graphic Novels

Abridging classic novels for younger readers is nothing new. But in recent years, classic literature has been graphic novel-ized, making it more accessible for readers young and old while preserving the plot, themes, and sometimes even the author’s voice. English class will never be the same, thanks to these classics gone graphic. 1. The Picture of [...]

A Wonderfully Nerdy Marriage Proposal at the National Book Festival

Like most 20-somethings using social media, my Facebook newsfeed often features “Jane Doe is now engaged to John Smith” posts, with requisite thumbs-up, squeals of glee from friends, and photos of the engagement rings. Last weekend brought a round of several new proposals, but one in particular caught my eye—it was so unique and so [...]

The Tiniest Golden Girl In the World

Just look at that little Sofia from The Golden Girls. The author of Pop Muse’s little baby is so darn cute, she’d look good as any TV character. Link

11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of Their Books

Some of the most beloved movies ever were based on books. But just because we loved them doesn’t mean the original author did. 1. Disney’s Mary Poppins might be a cherished childhood memory for a lot of us, but for author P.L. Travers, it was a complete slap in the face. Despite having script approval, Travers’ [...]

Exploring the mysteries of the Earth’s core

Author Jules Verne portrayed the Earth’s core as an alien landscape, but what is really down there ? While you aren’t likely to find dinosaurs and gia…

The End of the World of Books

Photo: Leslie Strauss Travis/The Norman Maclean Reader A lot of authors get rejected by publishers, but Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, [...]

Can "whisperers" make others kill ?

The idea that some murderers can verbally influence others to kill is not a new one. Author and criminologist Donato Carrisi has been investigating th…

Why Didn’t Tolkien Win the Nobel Prize?

I’m not a fan of The Lord of the Rings, but I have wondered how such a monumentally influential author was overlooked for a Nobel Prize in literature. C.S. Lewis nominated J.R.R. Tolkien in 1961. The governing committee considered him, but ultimately awarded the prize to the Yugoslavian writer Ivo Andri?. Why? Recently declassified documents [...]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula journal found

A private journal belonging to Dracula author Bram Stoker has been discovered after 100 years. The book was found on a shelf in his grandson’s home an…