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Cloud House

Nowadays, when people say they live in the cloud, they usually mean that they’ve stored all their digital possessions on cloud servers. But some people actually live in the cloud … cloud-shaped house, that is! This [...]

LED Seesaw

(vimeo link) “A tilt of light” is a project by ENESS design studio in which 33 rows of lights and a programmable physics engine were installed inside a seesaw. The toy was placed in Federation Square in Melbourne for people to try out. It will stay there until July first -remember, it is winter now in [...]

You Can Sleep When You’re Dead

Strong coffee and Miss Cellania’s cattle prod keep me going, post after post. So I endorse this sentiment by artist Stevie Scott of Wild at Heart Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

The Moon May Be Millions Of Years Younger Than Previously Thought

Could the moon be 60 million years younger then scientists currently think? New research on moon rocks could lead to rethinking on how the moon was formed. A new analysis conducted on lunar rocks brought back to Earth by the Apollo 16 astronauts has led researchers to believe that the moon may be 60 million years [...]

Tunnel Vision: Cool Corridors Around the World

Who knew? A tunnel dug underneath the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea is open for tours, even though you cannot access the ground above it! This is just one of several odd and interesting corridors you can read about in a list at Atlas Obscura. Others are in Vietnam, Brooklyn, Liverpool, and Australia. [...]

Terminator Leg

Reddit member captaincripple lost a leg in a motorcycle accident a year ago. He asked the forum for design suggestions for his prosthetic, and decided to go with a Terminator theme. He unveiled the finished leg today. The artwork is by Stuart Vimpani of Brisbane, Australia. Link

How Many Girls Can Fit Inside a Smart Car? 19

(Video Link) 19 girls in Karachi, Pakistan, crammed into a Smart Car in order to break a Guinness World Record. The previous record, 18, was set last January in Australia. Link via Geekologie