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The 10 Most Engaging Brands on Twitter (and the Completely Self-Serving Reason We Brought It Up)

Our Twitter feed was named one of BuzzFeed’s 90 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011, and we were #1 on Mashable’s list of 25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter. Now we can add a math-based honor to our virtual trophy case. We just got word that in a study by Track Social — an analysis [...]

6 Magicians Who Died While Performing The Bullet Catch

Is it possible for a human being to catch a speeding bullet in his mouth? For centuries, magicians have been convincing audiences that it is. Whether the bullet catch is an illusion or the result of lightning-fast reflexes, it definitely comes with a fatal risk. Since its introduction in the late 1500s, many magicians have [...]

Hypnotist Knocks Himself Out Onstage

Hypnotist David Days tripped over a participant’s leg and fell unconscious during a performance on Friday. Three people were “asleep” onstage at the time; when Days couldn’t be roused after a few minutes, the audience was asked to leave. Though he came around a short time later and “woke up” the hypnotized volunteers, the incident [...]