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Woman Finds Original Renoir at a Flea Market

It could be worth as much as $100,000, but the 5.5-inch-by-9-inch Renoir painting purchased at a flea market cost less than $50 and came with a Paul Bunyan doll. The buyer liked the look of the frame and took it to an auction house to have it assessed. And that’s when art experts realized that the [...]

Christie’s New Sculpture Introduced By Spider Man

This spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois looks big enough to swallow Spider Man whole, and probably should gobble up the webslinger for being such an attention monger! Christie’s auction house decided to unveil their newest acquisition by hiring Craig Henningsen, star of Spider Man the Musical, to commemorate the occasion with some web-headed antics. The piece [...]

Music Box Automata Pistols

(Video Link) This is a truly amazing work of art and machinery. Built in Geneva by Rochat around the year 1820, these two pistol-like objects are actually tiny music boxes. When the user pulls the trigger, a tiny, realistic mechanical bird pops out of the end. It dances as the musical components play what sounds just [...]

Oswald’s Coffin for Sale

The coffin that Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in back in 1963 is up for sale at an auction house in California. The pine coffin is partially water-damaged by the 18 years it spent in the ground before Oswald’s body was exhumed in 1981 to lay to rest rumors that a lookalike Soviet agent was buried [...]