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Ironclad Alibi

Justin Lee of Auckland, New Zealand, received a speeding ticket in the mail in 2004. He noticed a typo in the facts that stated the offense took place in 1974. Since that was a long time ago, he asked his mother for his alibi details. Then Justin wrote back to let the police know exactly [...]

Live Writing Projection

(YouTube link) Storytellers drew inspiration from the people passing through Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand. The stories were projected on a large screen, where folks could see themselves woven into the stories. The stunt was a promotion for the BNZ Literary Awards. Link -Thanks, Jono Aidney!

Billboard Provokes Christmas Controversy

St. Matthew-In-The-City Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand considers itself a liberal place of worship, and this year it erected a billboard that was intended to provoke thought about the literal meaning of Christmas. So far all they’ve provoked is the collective rage of area Christians. Archdeacon Glynn Cardy defends the church’s message: “This billboard is trying [...]