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Darth Vader’s Mask Made from Old Machinery

Gabriel Dishaw first got my attention by making athletic shoes from old computer and typewriter parts. Now he sets my heart aflutter with this sculpture of Lord Vader. He’s also made dogs, horses and assorted bird-monsters, which you can find on his website. Link -via Technabob | Artist’s Website

Grumpy Cat Speaks

(vimeo link) With all the public appearances and attention that came with her instant stardom, Tardar Sauce would just as soon set the record straight on her preference for the simple life. And she has the sweetest voice ever! -via reddit 

Men vs. Women Pie Chart

I sat here at my computer for about 20 minutes while I thought about posting this. Just trying to figure out how I was going to attack it. What quick-quip I would come up with to grab your attention. Instead of that… why don’t you clever neatoramanauts tell me what you think of this? Agree? Dissagree? Too [...]

Doctor Who Scarf

Doctor Who Scarf – $24.95 Attention Doctor Who fans! Are you looking to make a simply marvelous fashion statement this fall? You need your very own multicolored iconic Doctor Who scarf from the NeatoShop. This swell accessory is both practical and fabulous. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Doctor Who items.  Link

Popcorn on the Cob

This exists. I had no idea! Until today this culinary marvel had escaped my attention. Apparently, you can buy cobs prepared for microwaving or you can make your own by cooking Indian corn inside a paper bag. Now I have to try it. Link

Bill Gates aims to reinvent the toilet

The founder of Microsoft has turned his attention to providing toilet facilities to 2.5 billion people. While a lot of us take the availability of sui…

New spontaneous human combustion theory

Prof Brian J Ford has turned his attention to determining why some people allegedly burst in to flames. Cases of spontaneous human combustion usually …

Remembering ‘Momo the Missouri Monster’

40 years ago a small town in Missouri became the center of attention in the hunt for a mysterious beast. The first to witness the creature was 15-year…

This Little Drummer Boy Really Rocks

(YouTube Link) Attention rock drummers-watch out for this little drummer boy, because he’s poised to take the music industry by storm before he hits puberty. The talented kid featured in this video is Jaxon Smith, which is already a cool name for a rocker, and he has some serious skills on the drums that didn’t come from [...]

Things I Learned From Doctor Who

Things I Learned From Doctor Who Р$5.95 Attention Doctor Who fans! Celebrate the vast knowledge you have gained from the great Doctor with the marvelous Things I Learned From Doctor Who poster from the NeatoShop.  Examples of things you should have learned from Doctor Who include: When all else fails use your sonic screwdriver The smallest change [...]