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17 Famous Actors in Tiny Background Parts

Before they were headlining movies and TV shows, these celebs were just like everyone else trying to make it in Hollywood: thrilled to call home to report that the “Flight Attendant #3” role was totally in the bag. Check out a few of today’s big names back when they were cast as no-names. 1. Jason Segel [...]

Man Collected 1,760 Spoons From 447 Airlines

Dieter Kapsch : Flight attendant has collected 1,760 spoons from 447 airlinesIf you’re ever short of a spoon you can always rely on Dieter Kapsch – he’s got 1,760 of them.The flight attendant has amassed his unusual collection from 447 airlines.Explaining how his unusual hobby started, he said that his first spoon reminded him of [...]