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Martian Radiation Low Enough for Humans to Survive

One of the challenges of living beyond the Earth’s atmosphere for long periods of time is the danger of cosmic radiation. But discoveries made by the scientists running the Curiosity rover indicate that this won’t be a problem on Mars: “The astronauts can live in this environment,” Don Hassler, principal investigator on Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector [...]

Trapped permafrost gases could be released

Large quantities of greenhouse gases could be released in to the atmosphere over the next century. It is believed that as much as 850 billion tons of …

‘Water world’ discovered

Astronomers have discovered a distant extrasolar water planet shrouded in a thick steamy atmosphere. It is the first planet of its kind ever found, at…

Is the Earth Getting Lighter?

Taking into account human spacecraft going up and cloaked alien ships coming down, is the Earth gaining or losing mass? The BBC asked Cambridge University scientists to account for all of the material leaving and arriving on Earth and in its atmosphere: But overall, Dr Smith has calculated that the Earth – including the sea and [...]

Nursing Home for People with Senile Dementia Disguised as Ordinary Village

It’s hard to watch the mind of a beloved family member slip, and also painful to know that you’re losing mental acuity with age. Now there’s a nursing home in Wiedlisbach, Switzerland designed to make that transition easier. Caretakers lead residents to believe that they’re living independent lives in the past: The newly approved €20m (£17m) [...]

Hothouse Earth

The earth saw a mysterious episode of global warming 56 million years ago due to a surge of carbon into the atmosphere. Animals could walk from continent to continent and never see ice. That period is called PETM, or the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and it changed everything about life on earth. Paleontologist Philip Gingerich has [...]

The Most Wildly Inaccurate Prediction about the Internet, c. 1993

(Video Link) In 1993, an early Internet user named John Allen explained that the Internet was and would continue to be a place of remarkable civility and courtesy. Warning: text displayed during the video is NSFW. I began using the Internet in 1995, so I can only assume that this genteel atmosphere that Allen spoke of collapsed [...]

Mars "Hopper" could run on Martian gases

Future robotic missions to Mars could use gas from the Martian atmosphere to “hop” large distances. Gases gathered from the atmosphere could be compre…

$438 million mission to Mars greenlit

NASA has greenlit an ambitious Mars mission designed to study how the planet lost its atmosphere. The half-million dollar “Mars Atmosphere and Volatil…

Seeking alien life in Earth’s atmosphere

Britain is launching a mission to search for signs of alien micro-organisms in the upper atmosphere. The mission is a joint venture with the European …