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Star Wars Superfun Update

“QUANTUM SHOT” #773 Link – article by Avi Abrams Star Wars as You’ve Never Seen Them Before – in Geek Art and Fan Creativity! Just finished watching the original trilogy in Blu-ray edition (highly recommended, by the way) – and was pleasantly reminded that we need to update our long-running popular [...]

The AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Sure, you may not realize it when they’re in battle, but AT-AT’s are actually the ultimate party mobile. That’s why having one as your liquor cabinet makes so much sense. Link Via BuzzFeed

Batman and The Thing on an AT-AT

These action figures are dismounting an AT-AT, having ridden it into battle. Conan’s there, too. The Barbarian, not the comedian, although Conan O’Brien would be a good addition to this lamp by Etsy seller Zygmunt Jarzembowski. Link -via @itscolossal

AT-AT Dog Costume

Geek cred is obviously very important to dogs these days. Katie Mello made this AT-AT costume for her dog so that he’ll be the coolest dog going trick-or-treating this year. Link -via Super Punch | Previously: A Real AT-AT Dog