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Thanks for Clearing That Up

So those astronomy books that I just threw away weren’t wrong? This newspaper correction, allegedly from the Ottawa Citizen, comes a little too late. Link -via The Agitator | Ottawa Citizen

Space Valentines

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy Blog has a collection of astronomical images that display valentine heart shapes -which just goes to show you can find anything if you look heart, er, hard enough. This picture is of the W5 star-forming region taken by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The gallery ends with an extremely [...]

The Romance of Radio Astronomy

The Romance of Radio Astronomy – $14.95 If your lover is a star lover (no, not the celebrity kind – the massive, luminous ball of plasma kind), then here’s the perfect T-shirt for you: The Romance of Radio Astronomy from the NeatoShop by Mark Heath of Nobrow Cartoons. Perfect for Valentine’s Day gift, too! Like that? See [...]

Stellar Quilts

What do you get when you combine your geeky passion for astronomy and craft? This awesome Stellar Quilts by Jimmy McBride: Yes, that’s the Pillars of Creation. Find more of Jim’s artwork on Craftzine: Link