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Soyuz lifts off on trip to space station

Two Russians and one US astronaut have successfully launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz spacecraft. The launch had been delayed for over a month d…

Astronaut feels toll of space on his body

A former astronaut is undergoing a battery of tests to understand how space has changed his eyesight. As humanity moves toward a spacefaring future, o…

Water Drops Orbiting a Needle in Space

(Video Link) Don Pettit, an astronaut and science educator whose work we’ve featured extensively on Neatorama, is now on the International Space Station. For his most recent demonstration, Pettit charged knitting needles with static electricity and then shot water drops at them. The drops, attracted by the charge, orbited the needles. -via Geekologie | Pettit’s Twitter Feed

Fashion In The Year 2000, According To The 1930s

(YouTube Link) Further proof that the future isn’t as cool, or cheesy according to your taste, as everyone thought it would be. The top fashion designers of the 1930s contributed their idea of 21st century fashion to this newsreel, and I for one am very glad that they were wrong about some things, or else men [...]

Domino’s Pizza’s Newest Branch: on the Moon!

Astronauts get hungry too, and they can’t all eat Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich and drink Tang all the time. Thankfully, there’s Domino’s Pizza newest planned expansion: The company’s Japanese arm has launched a [...]

David Bowie’s Space Oddity as a Children’s Book

Illustrator Andrew Kolb was listening to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” when he realized the imagery would make a great children’s book. Well, you know – if your kids are ready to deal with the tragedy of an astronaut dying alone in space. The book isn’t available in hard copy (yet), but you can get the [...]

Astronaut Suicide Photos in Response to End of Shuttle Program

In what could be considered a mock protest to the end of the Space Shuttle program photographer Neil DaCosta and art director Sara Philips have posted a gallery of astronauts suicide photos. Apparently this is the only thing an astronaut has to look forward to these days. Dubbed the Dark Comedy Project the photos depict [...]

NASA disputes Ed Mitchell camera claim

NASA have sued former astronaut Edgar Mitchell over his possession of a camera used on the moon. Mitchell’s lawyer maintains that the camera, which wa…

Solve The Energy Problem by Mining The Moon

How to you kill two birds with one stone? We haven’t been back to the moon since the Apollo missions and we have a looming energy crisis. Former NASA astronaut Harrison Schmitt has a big plan to solve both those issues.  Former astronaut, Apollo moonwalker, geologist and former Senator Harrison Schmitt has a modest plan to [...]

Incredible Space Pics from Astronaut Twitpic Account

This past fall when NASA astronaut Colonel Douglas H. Wheelock took command of the International Space Station he began posting photos to his Twitpic account of the incredible views he was encountering from his lofty perch. My favorite is this photo of an island that looks like a hat. Link