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The Bug That Wears Its Victims Like Armor

With a name like the assassin bug, you can be sure this is one tough insect. As it turns out though, the assassin bug doesn’t just kill and eat its victims—it also wears their exoskeletons as part of its suit of armor. In a way, this Malaysian bug is probably the closest thing the insect [...]

Assassin Bug Carries the Exoskeletons of Its Victims on Its Back

Photo: rizalis/Flickr Meet the world’s most gruesome killer. The assassin bug proudly displays the exoskeleton of its kills (after it sucked out the innards as dinner) on its back! But there’s logic to that [...]

Make Your Own Assassin’s Creed Arm Blade

(Video Link) Ever wish you could be a real assassin like Altaïr or Ezio? Then try your hand at making this handy assassin blade, but just don’t lose your hand in the process. Via The Daily What