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26 Cool Modern Takes On Classic Paintings

From photograph versions of classic paintings to artistic landscapes filled with modern blights, this WebUrbanist article features a great collection of modern takes on classic artworks. Personally, I like the Star Wars additions. Link

The Comically Surreal Artwork Of Exit Man

Heavy pop, liquid designs and sheer surreal madness collide in Exit Man’s unusual artworks. These busy, colorful pieces use bold, curved lines to guide you around the scene, and looking at them kinda feels like taking your eyes on a rollercoaster ride. Want to hang one of these ocular amusements on your wall? Then follow [...]

Art or Makeup?

Artist Andy Alcala, a student at the University of Iowa, wanted to put a fresh face on classic artworks of the past…or should I say, he wanted to put the artworks on a fresh face? In his “Face Artists” series, he explores the concept of accepting art at its face value quite literally by painting [...]

30 Hilarious Ron Swanson Portraits

While not everyone likes Parks & Recreation, practically all of those who do love the character of Ron Swanson.That’s why there’s so many awesome artworks based on him you can find 29 more of them over at BuzzFeed. Link

Interesting CGI Designs By Serial Cut

Creating eye candy for visual ad campaigns generally means using illustration to create something people will remember. Computer generated imagery has dramatically changed the design industry, and creative studio Serial Cut aims to show the world just how cool 3d design can be. With designs ranging from simplistic to absurd, most of which boast an [...]

10 Cool Tiny Artworks

Over on Mental Floss, Miss C has a great round up of tiny artworks by extremely talented artists. My personal favorite is the tiny working gun seen here, created by Michel Lefaivre. I can’t help but wonder how much damage this little thing could actually do. Link

Awesome 8 Bit Artworks

If you were a gamer during the 80’s, then you know just how amazing 8 bits can look, which is why you shouldn’t be at all surprised by these great 8 bit artworks -impressed yes, but surprised, no. WebUrbanist has plenty more for your viewing pleasure. Link

Things to Do with Paper Clips

So there you are at the office and your mind wanders. For some reason, you don’t have the internet to keep you occupied, but you have plenty of paper clips. People can get very creative with paper clips, as you’ll see in this post from Kuriositas. There are gadgets, toys, artworks, science experiments, and this [...]

Solar Flowers

(YouTube link) Dan Roe made these solar-powered kinetic flower sculptures that move on their own, as long as they are in the sun! I can imagine how much my cats would love these. See more kinetic and robotic artworks at his website. Link -Thanks, Dan!

Gummy Worm Chromosomes

Kevin Van Aelt create artworks inspired by biology from a wide variety of mediums. I particularly like this set of chromosomes made from Gummi worms. Link -via The Sciencepunk Blog