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Don’t Feed This Jack-O-Lantern After Midnight

Mogwai themed artwork never goes out of style, because the little guy’s just so darn cute yet mischievous that seeing a Mogwai face makes everyone smile. They’re like the smaller yet deadlier version of the Ewoks, so it’s no wonder pumpkin artist Trevor Grove decided to create this awesome Mogwai carving, complete with big, furry ears [...]

Fantasmagorik Superhero by Nicolas Obery

Fantasmagorik Iron Man by Nicolas Obery French designer Nicolas Obery recreates your favorite superheroes and science fiction characters like you’ve never seen them before. His black and white Fantasmagorik style is a treat to behold! Take [...]

Jack Daniel’s Has An Incredibly Nice Trademark Lawyer

When Patrick Wensink used the artwork on the left for his book, he didn’t realize their would be any problem, but sure enough, Jack Daniels stepped in to protect their trademark. Unlike just about ever other trademark lawyer ever though, Jack Daniel’s lawyer Christy Susman was actually nice about the matter, sending the letter above [...]

A Super Super Mario Tattoo

Stars, landscape, mushrooms, bombs and more all tightly compacted into a perfectly-sized artwork. This might just be the best Mario tattoo I’ve ever seen. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

The Literary Wave

We’ve featured Guy Laramee’s book sculptures before on Neatorama, but his new ones are too good to pass. Take a new (or another) look at Guy’s artwork: Link – via swissmiss [...]

Bang! Bang! Banana Gun Will Shoot You Down

Now that’s a fancy banana, it looks just like a .45 caliber with a gorgeous carved handle. It would be too beautiful to eat if it weren’t for the fact that the artwork will just rot away in a few hours anyway. Link Via BuzzFeed

The Iron Horse

Phillip Valdez made this mechanical wonder completely of paper. I am sure it is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Link -via Boing Boing

A Staple of Modern Art

Notice anything strange about the artwork above? How about the fact that it’s made out of staples? The creation is made by Paris-based artist Baptiste Debombourg. His most recent mural is made up of 450,000 staples. Link Via Laughing Squid

Delightfully Fun Matchbook Art

You probably knew that many people collect matchbooks, but you might not know just how impressive the artwork can be on some of the boxes. While the one above might not be the most impressive piece of art, it’s certainly entertaining and you can find plenty more fun ones over at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

Retro Batman Trading Card Art

The artwork from the 1966 Batman trading card set is so delightfully retro, with simpler character designs, hand painted panels, and less stylized versions of your fav villains, that I hope modern artists and designers take note when going for that retro look in their own artwork. It’s not all about warm and tacky color schemes, [...]