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Kissing Renaissance Dogs Salt & Pepper Shakers

Kissing Renaissance Dogs Salt & Pepper Shakers  Is your kitchen table in need of a little rebirth of style? Reawaken your kitchen spirit with the Kissing Renaissance Dogs Salt & Pepper Shakers from the NeatoShop. This delightful set is perfect for forward thinking individuals who long to add a little flavor and artistry to their home [...]

Spiderman After the Apocalypse

Andy J. Hunter is a master of geek artistry with a variety of fun images like this great Post Apocalyptic Spiderman and a great image showing what happens when The Muppets meet Lord of the Rings. Don’t miss the rest over on his website for some great geek artwork. Link

20 Amazing Ice Sculptures

Oddee has a collection of some truly amazing ice sculptures, the most impressive of which is this massive ice castle in China. The other sculptures are also fascinating though. It always amazes me how much artistry is required to make one of these pieces when it will only melt away eventually anyway. Link