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Anatomical Kitchen Accessories

For her project entitled Sentient Kitchen, Christine Chin imagined a world that blends the biological and the technological: Sentient Kitchen takes inspiration from some of nature’s most ingenious engineering. What better way to dispense salt than through an organ that is highly developed to taste, and why not take advantage of the mammary gland’s unique relationship to [...]


Photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier’s most recent book, Bodyscapes, shows the nude human form painted to blend in with scenic landscapes. The results are gorgeous. You can see several examples of his work at the link. Content warning: artistic nudity. Link | Artist’s Website

Little Mermaids around the World

Carl Jacobsen’s famous mermaid sculpture in Cøpenhagen harbor isn’t the only seaside mermaid statue. It has inspired many similar sculptures around the world, including this one in the estuary of Britain’s Dart River. You can view several others at the link. Content warning: artistic nudity. Link | Photo: me’nthedogs

Eerily Realistic Wooden Sculptures

These stunningly realistic wooden figures by Bruno Walpoth represent human beings in their rawest form, soft skin carved out of hard wood, every wrinkle and detail carved in while evidence of tool work remains when they’re inspected up close. If I came across one of these figures standing alone in a dark room I would probably [...]

Now THIS is Art: Giant Tinfoil Ball

Giant Tinfoil Ball, 2009 by Emily Keegin I crumple up tinfoil sheets all the time, but never once did I consider what I’ve made was actually – gasp – art. Behold the Giant Tinfoil Ball, by Emily Keegin: Link (includes artistic nudity, NSFW) Now, if I had only kept my giant wad of bubblegums to compete with [...]