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Mechanical Pencil Lead Refills Sculptures by Peter Trevelyan

Look at these intricate sculptures by New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan and weep: the geometric structures are made with 0.5 mm lead refills for mechanical pencils! I can’t even reload my mechanical pencils without [...]

A Cityscape Made Out Of Staples

This is one cityscape where loose sheets of paper won’t be blowing down the street. It’s a cityscape called Ephemicropolis, and it was created by British artist Peter Root, who used over 100,000 staples in its creation. The entire piece measures approximately 235 X 117 inches, with the “tallest” building measuring in at a whopping 4 and [...]

Carved Bowling Pin Sculpture Inspired By Prometheus

This is one awesome sculpture, and it’s hard to tell that it started out as an ordinary wooden bowling pin! Created by artist Peter Nordstrom, it’s heavy on the Aliens and HR Giger influences, without being too obviously derived from either source. Intricately carved, and more than a bit scary in places, this beautiful work of art [...]

The Carved Baseball Bats of Peter Schuyff

Artist Peter Schuyff, among other activities, carves baseball bats. When asked about the origins of this idea, he wrote: The whole thing started with carving sticks on my walks. I’ve made long walks in New Guinea, the Amazon, Burma, jungles, I like jungles. At the end of the day there’s not much to do and I [...]

Peter Jansen’s Sculptures in Motion

Dutch artist Peter Jansen creates polyamide and bronze sculptures that look like a split second in time. They don’t actually move, but they look like they are in motion. Perhaps appropriately, he started out as a physics student rather than as an artist. Link via Dyscario