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Taking a Chance

Honestly, world, despite what your hear in the news, the United States is not that dangerous. This Twaggie was rendered from a Tweet by Berlin resident Julian Gough and drawn by artist David Barneda. See a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies. Link

Sluggo, The Street Slug of Ann Arbor

Every now and then, you’ll see Sluggo pop up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s a character created by street artist David Zinn. He’s made a mess here, but normally, he’s a helpful fellow. You can see more photos of Sluggo’s adventures at the link. Gallery -via MyModernMet

This Robot Is Wired For Sound

Artist David Todd Trost created this 4 foot tall terra cotta robot with a speaker system inside. I’m not sure what the sound quality is like but it’s much better looking than the giant faux woodgrain speaker boxes of my youth. Link – Via Notcot

Pringle of Scotland

(YouTube link) Pringle of Scotland is an old and established sweater company which has nothing to do with potato chips. They commissioned artist David Shrigley to make a humorous video about the firm. The result is strange and delightful! -via Flotsam