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A Pixar Style Version Of Justice League America

Digital artist Daniel Araya created these fun concept art pieces that envision what a Pixar version of DC’s Justice League of America would look like. The characters look like they’d fit right in with The Incredibles, but the fact that Disney owns Marvel Comics means that a DC/Pixar movie is about as likely as a real [...]

The Creepiest Home Decor In The World

ThisĀ  Half-Life Barnacle by German artist Daniel Ritthanondh is incredibly detailed and realistic, but it’s too damn creepy to actually use in any respectable home. Would any of you actually put this up? Link Via Kotaku

Amazing Embroidery Portraits

Check out these textural delights by artist Daniel Kornrumpf, who has resurrected the antiquated art of embroidery and brought it into a spectacular new light. His painterly approach to embroidery adds a fresh, modern style and energy to the medium, and the fact that so much detail is worked into these relatively small pieces makes [...]

Spoctocus Tattoo

The Spoctocus can neck pinch eight people simultaneously and squeeze itself through the narrowest of Jeffries tubes with ease. This tattoo has been attributed to artist Daniel Limon of Tuscon. Link via blastr

Wood Burned Superheroes

Artist Daniel Croiser’s medium is wood burning. He’s particularly fond of depicting superheroes, such as the above Swamp Thing. Some of Crosier’s works have been featured as comic book covers. At the link, you can view his deviantART gallery and at the Comics Alliance link, you can see a selection of his superhero-themed works. Link via [...]