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10 Cool and Frightening Facts About Ants

Antdude, if you’ve been waiting for an article to be specifically dedicated to only you, here you go. Of course, even those of you who aren’t insect/human hybrids will be sure to enjoy io9′s fascinating article featuring 10 frightening facts about ants. For example, did you know: Ants have already survived a mass extinction event The Cretaceous-Paleogene [...]

11 Amazingly Cool Hybrid Animals

From wolphins to ligers to beefalos, hybrid animals may not be true species yet, but they are still fascinating both biologically and visually. The Daily Beast has a great article featuring twelve such species with some cool photos to go along with them. Enjoy! Link

The 36 Worst Action Figures From Iconic Toy Lines

Cracked has put together a great article on these terrible action figures from iconic lines, like the one featured above-April O’Neil’s Boss from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. These are the kind of toys that had kids yelling “Awwww man! Not this one!” at their birthday party, and they were always given (in my experience, [...]

Dodecahedron Chicken Coop

In response to the earlier item on chicken coops, Neatoramanaut NickDanger3dEye let us know about the 12-sided coop he and his son built. I got the basic idea for a plywood dodecahedron from a late 60s Popular Science magazine article I read in my youth. The author of that article built it as a meditation space, [...]

26 Cool Modern Takes On Classic Paintings

From photograph versions of classic paintings to artistic landscapes filled with modern blights, this WebUrbanist article features a great collection of modern takes on classic artworks. Personally, I like the Star Wars additions. Link

10 Idiotic Things Being Sold On eBay Right Now

To be fair, I’m not entirely sure that a velvet painting of Admiral Ackbar belongs in an article titled “10 Crazy Pieces of Crap On eBay Right Now.” Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome. Even so, a lot of the other items certainly do belong there. Check out the rest over on Oddee. Link

A Menagerie Of Japanese Mythical Creatures

Ever wondered about the origin of the Japanese Kirin or the waving Lucky Cat? If so, then this article by Matt Alt will amaze and astound with it’s short yet concise descriptions of 10 of the best known Japanese mythical creatures, some of which you may have seen but never thought you’d understand. This great [...]

Nairobi’s Wonderful Elephant Orphanage

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for touching animal stories and this National Geographic article about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust an elephant orphanage in Nairobi. The stories in the article are a must-read for any animal lover. The nursery takes in orphan elephants from all over Kenya, many victims of poaching [...]

25 Signs You’re A Child Of The ’90s

I know a lot of our readers were born a lot earlier than I was, but for those of you raised in the nineties, this BuzzFeed article has a lot of funny ways to prove it that you will find yourself nodding your head to in agreement. Link

European Ghost Towns

Boots N’ All has a great article featuring 8 ghost towns—not in the Old West, but in Europe. The photos are stunning and the stories of how the locations became abandoned are always interesting. My personal favorite on the list is Balestrino (pictured), which was once owned by the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro dei [...]