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12 Hilariously Clever Tip Jars

You don’t have to find Nemo, just save him by throwing some money into his jar so he can breathe. Not a bad ploy for getting a few extra tips is it? For more clever tip jar ideas, don’t miss this great Oddee article. Link

10 Awesome Video Game Bathrooms

If you truly live for The Horde, then you darn well ought to dedicate everything to your faction -even your toilet time. For more delightful game-inspired bathrooms, don’t miss this great Mental Floss article. Link

16 Awesome Sea-Themed Rooms

If you’ve always fantasized about living like a sailor, but can’t stand getting seasick, then you can always do the next best thing and decorate your home like a boat or submarine. It might sound cheesy in theory, but sometimes these designs look downright awesome, as evidenced by the rooms in this great WebUrbanist article. Link

10 Fictional Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

No, the real Abed isn’t nearly as awkward or insane as the Abed from Community, but he’s certainly just as obsessed with pop culture. Even so, it’s hardly a flattering portrayal of the real life version, but he’s certainly better represented than many other people who had fictional characters based on them, as evidenced by [...]

Me Gusta This Latte

I can’t track down the origin of this memederful latte, but it is just too awesome not to share. If you do know where it first was introduced to the web, let me know so I can update the article. Link

12 Awesome Han Solo Tributes

If there’s anything cooler than a hidden door, it’s a hidden door that features Hans Solo in carbonite on the inside. For more awesome tributes to the rebel hero, be sure to check out this great Oddee article. Link

5 Animal Myths You Probably Believe

You know how when you cut a worm in half you’ll get two worms and how mice love cheese? If you said yes, then actually you don’t know much about these creatures. Cracked recently took a look at common animal myths that are actually totally bogus. How many of these did you still believe before [...]

The 20 Saddest Horses On Earth

While I am not one of those people who likes to call all instances of animals being dressed up in costume “animal abuse,” it’s certainly verging on the borderline of abuse when you dress your horse as a pinata and carry around a pinata stick. For pictures of 19 more depressing horses, check out this [...]

5 Safety Measures That Don’ Make You Safer

Helmets, anti-lock breaks, sunscreen -they all seem like they should make us so much safer and healthier, but as it turns out, they can actually put us in more danger, largely because we take our safety for granted once we have these protection measures in place. Read about these and other safety precautions that actually [...]

14 Awesome Cupcake Designs

No those aren’t snowcones, they’re actually cleverly disguised cupcakes made by JustJenn Rants & Raves. For more cool cupcakes that look like other things, check out this fun BuzzFeed article. Link