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Ballpoint Pen Wallpaper by Alissia Melka-Taichroew

Sure, we all doodle from time to time, but New York-based artist Alissia Melka-Taichroew has taken doodling to an artform with wallpapers made from pen drawings. Designboom has more: Link – via MyEDOL

A Bad Lip Reading Of The Hunger Games

(YouTube Link) YouTuber BadLipReading is turning an otherwise useless skill into an artform, and their dialog overhauls have almost reached a point of synchronicity with their take on The Hunger Games. Will bad lip reading become the new hotness in movie production? Probably not, but the amount of funny you can squeeze out of a mere handful of [...]

Rebecca Ward’s Tape Art

Lots of people love playing with tape, but Rebecca Ward has elevated sticking-tape-on things into an artform. Take a look at her geometric installation, featured over at My Modern Met: The tape artist redefines the space she’s working in with [...]

20 Cool Console Case Mods

Modifications to your standard computer chassis, or console cases as they’re called in the video game industry, has been elevated to an artform. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the 18 images below! Be sure to tell us which is your favorite in the comments. And if you’ve modded out your own [...]

3D Amazing Optical Illusions

The apocalyptic scene may appear to be straight from a Hollywood disaster movie – but it is actually an amazing 3D-effect painting by artist Edgar Mueller. Edgar, 40, created the work – Lava Burst in Gelder – for a street painting contest in his native Germany. An earlier piece saw him turn River Street in Moose [...]