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Ryan Matthew Cohn’s Creepy Antiques

Ryan Matthew Cohn is an artist, antique collector, blogger, and a buyer for the store Obscura Antiques and Oddities in New York City. He makes art objects from human and animal bones. Read about Cohn’s collection and creations, and see some clips of his appearances on the TV show Oddities at Collector’s Weekly. Link

Pickachu Taxidermy

A Tokyo art collective known as ChimPom recycles exterminated rats as art objects. These rats have been painted and posed as the Pokémon character Pickachu. Is this weird or what? See more pictures at Smart Stop. Link -Thanks, Dan!

Awesome Car Hood Ornaments

Through the ages, the classiest cars always had fancy hood ornaments. They began as radiator caps and continued even after the caps retreated under the hood. They began to disappear in the 1960s, so now you only see them on fine classic cars -or as art objects by themselves. See a wide variety of all [...]