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The Giving Forger

Since 1989, Mark A. Landis periodically donates art to various museums. He asks for nothing in exchange, then disappears. Sooner or later, the art museum finds that the Curran, or Signac, or Lepine works he donated are forgeries, painted by Landis himself. Unlike most forgers, he does not seem to be in it for the money, [...]

Did Van Gogh Slash His Ear Because of the Letter in This Painting?

In December of 1888, Vincent Van Gogh cut off the lobe of his left ear with a razor. Many explanations have been offered for this bizarre behavior. Now a scholar claims to have found an explanation in the portrayal of a letter in Van Gogh’s Still Life: Drawing Board, Pipe, Onions and Sealing-Wax, painted the [...]