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The Great Buttons off Kanagawa

WBK The Great Wave – inspired by Hokusai’s iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa Playtful art? deviantARTist Work by Knight (WBK) has got that on the button. The Australian artist uses buttons (or more specifically, [...]

Sculptures Which Make The Mundane Look Strange

A button up shirt, soup spoons and a sledgehammer- what do these things have in common besides starting with the letter S? They’re all subjects of surreal sculptural works by Adam Niklewicz! Adam specializes in turning objects from normal everyday to strange in every way, and he renders each piece unusable for their originally intended purpose [...]

Lenticular LEGO Portrait Of Batman And Joker

This awesome piece of optical LEGO art was created by Arthur Gugick, a man who had a vision of Batman and the Joker on the same piece of LEGO art then made his vision come true. Tilt it one way-you’ve got the Caped Crusader, tilt it the other way you’ve got Mr. Joker in all his [...]

51 Delightful Works of Yarn Graffiti

For all the websites showing pictures of yarn bombing, it still seems to be a pretty rare art form. In fact, I actually have only seen one in person. Even so, it’s still pretty awesome, which is precisely why all of those yarn bomb photos are so fun to look at. Here’s another great gallery [...]

Eric Standley’s Cut Paper Art

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor after seeing Eric Standley’s mind-blowingly intricate cut paper art: Link – via Wanken | Eric’s official website

Strange Felted Wool Sculptures By Zoe Williams

The subjects Zoe Williams sculpts out of felted wool are, for the most part, critters which look good with a bit of fuzz on them, even if that fuzz is contrasted by sharp and spiky bits. Ultimately, they look too dangerous to pet, so I’d keep my hand tucked in my shirt if viewing them at [...]

Squid Boat by Phlegm

Urban artist Phlegm took a break from painting on walls to create this squid canal boat in England. Unurth has more pics of the street … er, canal art: Link

Embossed Aluminum Pans

Israeli designer Idan Friedman has been experimenting with a new medium lately — embossed disposable aluminum pans. He refers to the project as depicting “ordinary people and disposable objects.” I think that it’s a lovely way to take trash and turn it into art. Link via Dude Craft | Designer’s Website

Mexican Day of the Star Wars Dead

California-based artist José Pulido created a series of Star Wars drawings in the style of the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) art: Link – via Boing Boing

Metalworking as Kinetic Art

I’ve always associated oxyacetylene torch with the brutish but necessary industrial activity of welding but never art. Well, the resulting metal thingy may be an artistic sculpture, but the acts of cutting and welding themselves be art? Here’s a video clip by benderautomatic over at SuicideBots blog that’s aiming to prove that metalwork itself is [...]