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The Missing Links: Art That Makes Scents

This Is Why Sports Are Great Everything about athletics that isn’t this just clouds how beautiful and wonderful sports can be. * That New Art Exhibit Stinks Literally. * Some of You Are Sick of Zombies But these zombifed corporate logos are still awesome. * Sitcom the Vote Check out what television shows are saying about the election. [...]

Zombie Cupcakes

Ray Basile of Zombie Wagon made zombie cupcakes for the opening of his zombie art exhibit. Then he posted the step-by-step instructions so you can make your own for a birthday party, Halloween party, or just because you like zombie cupcakes! Link

An 8′ Tall R2D2 Statue

This amazing 96″ R2D2 is made from cardboard and duct tape and some spray paint. If you want to see it in person and you happen to be near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, as it’s about to be displayed in the “Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art”exhibit. Link

Animal Paper Shredder

Random-Good-Stuff blog went to La Laboral University in Gijón, Spain, and found this intriguing installation at a temporary art exhibit in the kitchen: an animal paper shredder. Simply feed the paper to be shredded into a slot in the cage, and the critters inside will do the work for you! Link