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Soccer Team Hadn’t Scored a Goal in Five Matches, So Fans Helpfully Pointed Arrows toward the Goal

The soccer team of Magdeburg, Germany wasn’t doing well. Fans suspected that the players didn’t know where the opposing goal was and were just too embarrassed to ask. So at a recent match against a Berlin team, they held up arrows that discreetly pointed it out. The effort was successful, and Magdeburg scored a single [...]

Pedestrian Detour Translated

A sign on the Georgia Tech campus gets a translation from someone who draws arrows. I guess you could call that person an “arrowsmith.” Note the people in the picture are obeying the signs. Link

Dachshund in Chain Mail

I do not know the origins of this picture, but the dog’s owner should be commended for providing much-needed protection from arrows and bladed weapons. She is ready to go to both the dogpark and the Ren fair. via Geekosystem

Aircraft Juxtapositioned With Rainbows

Photo: Tim Bullen Photography Environmental Graffiti has a beautiful set of photographs depicting various shots of planes and rainbows. Starting things off is Tim Bullen’s amazing picture of the aerial display group, The Red Arrows. The Red Arrows are the crème de la crème when it comes to aerial displays, but as they tear through a rainbow, [...]

Automatic Crossbow

(YouTube Link) A fellow who calls himself “The Duckman” built an electrically-powered automatic crossbow. His objective was to have a usable crossbow now that arthritis prevents him from cocking each arrow, as he would on a conventional bow. The Duckman built the weapon with a magazine of 15 arrows and the battery allows him to fire [...]


Not Coming To A Theater Near You is a film review website that assumes a bias towards older, often unpopular, and sometimes unknown films that merit a second look. A new offshoot of that site is Stills, where one screenshot from a random movie is posted daily. It’s fun to hit the arrows, then move your [...]