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Arrested Development Documentary Trailer

Maybe it’s coincidence that I wore my Arrested Development t-shirt today, maybe not.  This documentary, about one of my favorite TV shows of all time, is being put together by two superfans- Neil and Jeff. “The overall goal of the documentary is to provide awareness of this brilliant, witty and original comedy. We have already completed [...]

Are You Ready For A Party Down Movie?

Everyone is still buzzing about the news that the Arrested Development movie is finally in the works  after years of discussion, but in the aftermath of that bomb, it was easy to miss the news about another cult classic show becoming a movie as well. While not as many people are familiar with Party Down, [...]

The Ultimate Gift For An Arrested Development Fan

If you watch Arrested Development, then you know there’s always money in the Banana Stand,  which is why this is such a great gift for any fan of the show. Link

Hot Ham Water and Other Posters of Fake TV and Movie Products

Sorry, Arrested Development fans! Lindsay’s hot ham water (your family will love it! So watery and yet there’s a smack of ham to it) is not coming to a grocery store near you. The poster above is just a clever creation of [...]

3 Arrested Development Quizzes to Celebrate The Bluth Family’s (Possible?) Return

Unless they’re all just messing with us (entirely possible), it sounds like that Arrested Development movie might actually happen. Jason Bateman is also claiming the show is returning to television. While this may all be debunked by morning, here are a few Arrested Development quizzes we’ve posted over the years.

Seinfeld Wars

You may have seen the Star Wars Arrested Development parody, now it’s Seinfeld’s chance thanks to artist Julie Bell. The best part is George just sitting on an R2D2 trash can. Link via Laughing Squid