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The Walmart "Fake Arrest" Scheme

It was a brilliant scheme: send in someone to shoplift goods, then come in as an undercover cop to arrest him, then make off with the goods free and clear. It worked in Hollywood [...]

8 Celebrities Arrested for Obscenity (and What It Was They Said or Did)

Freedom of speech? Not if it’s deemed “obscene.” These celebrities found that out the hard way. Though they weren’t all convicted, they did end up fighting costly battles in court and had their names dragged through the mud, though in some cases – looking at you, Hugh Hefner – it only helped their causes. Read [...]

Police Lure Criminals into Trap with Offer of Free Beer

Police in Derbyshire, UK found it difficult to locate certain people wanted on outstanding arrest warrants. So they sent letters to addresses at which they suspected the accused of receiving mail. The letters, supposedly from a marketing company, claimed the recipients had won a crate of beer: They were told that they needed to arrange a [...]

Your Own Personal Thief: Stealing To Order

Stealing things and selling ‘em later at the neighborhood fence? That’s so old school! The new “in” thing is stealing-to-order. All you need to do is text the thief what you want, and voilà: it’s like having your own personal shopper, except, you know, he steals stuff for you … An arrest report for 36-year-old Sean A. [...]

He Had to Steal to Pay for His Defense

Michael Elias of San Antonio, Texas has been arrested several times for a string of burglaries over several months. His latest arrest was for two burglaries, one in June and the other in November. Police said they recovered fingerprints from both locations that later proved to be Elias’s. The affidavit shows that after his arrest, Elias told [...]

Should Roman Polanski Be Arrested?

So. Three decades after he fled Los Angeles, director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland. In 1977, Polanski pled guilty of “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor” to avoid being charged with rape by use of drugs (he gave alcohol and quaaludes to the then-13-year-old female model he was doing a photo shoot with) and sodomy, [...]