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11 Creative Breakthroughs People Had in Their Sleep

You know what visions I get in my dreams? Visions of falling off of buildings (and doing the full body spasm thing when I hit the ground). These 11 people, on the other hand, had dreams that changed the world. Let’s hope that my visions take a turn toward genius sometime soon. Until then, I’ll [...]

Undeniable Proof That Google Will Make Us All Cyborgs

If you saw Google’s Project Glass portrayed in a film, you’d immediately dismiss it as crazy. In fact, I have seen this before. Take a look at this screenshot of the viewpoint from the titular character in the 1991 classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day: See how it displays a wealth of vital information about the machine’s [...]

Hilariously Bad Terminator 3 DVD Commentary

(YouTube Link) Arnold Schwarzenegger is the king of awkward narration, since he loves to ramble on about whatever is happening on the screen and clearly doesn’t understand the point of DVD commentary. This time around the movie is Terminator 3, so it comes complete with mandroid booty and some gloriously goofy statements and observations by Arnold. (NSFW-naked [...]

Quiz: Movies Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Hilarious And Family-Friendly

Today is National Stuff That Was Popular When You Were a Kid Day! To celebrate, we’ll be posting quizzes all day about — you guessed it — stuff that was popular when various writers were kids. Keep checking back for more! Arnold Schwarzenegger may have made his name in Hollywood as a big-time action star, but [...]

Batman And Robin-The Musical

(YouTube Link) Somehow I doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s singing voice sounds as good as the guy singing in this comedic spoof, but then again I can barely understand Arnold when he’s actually trying to enunciate every word, so I guess a vocal stand-in was necessary. Batman and Robin- The Musical definitely would have been a bigger hit [...]

Totally Recalling Total Recall

What’s more awesome than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall? It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger totally recalling himself in Total Recall, of course! (A bit NSFW, if you recall the lady with the three breasts scene.) Now this, Neatoramanauts, is how DVD commentary should be [...]

10 People Who Became Dog Toys

Dog toys generally come in three designs: classic toys such as Frisbees and tennis balls, indestructible designs like the Kong line, and cute animals that are fuzzy or squeaky. Of course, the problem with the cute designs is that they are usually the most easily destroyed. So rather than letting your pup rip an adorable [...]

Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine is an Arnold Schwarzenegger themed side project band of heavy metal musician Tim Lambesis (of the group As I Lay Dying). Lambesis has released two concept albums with Austrian Death Machine; Total Brutal and Double Brutal. Each of the songs such as “Get to the Choppa” and “I Need Your Cloths, Your [...]

What Does the FCC’s Equal-Time Rule Actually Say?

© Bettmann/CORBIS Donald Trump’s rumored presidential candidacy has sparked fresh interest in the FCC’s equal-time rules. What would Trump’s candidacy mean for The Celebrity Apprentice? Would NBC have to give Trump’s competitors their own primetime reality shows? Even though Trump has bowed out of the race, let’s take a look at some questions about the frequently [...]

Putting a Good Face on it: The Evolution of Mr. Potato Head

It started as body parts you jabbed into real potatoes and became a cultural phenomenon, resulting in some sweet film roles and government work. Let’s go back to the beginning. 1949: A Spud is Born Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner tries to capitalize on kids who like to play with their food. Surprisingly, Lerner’s idea of creating [...]