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Antique Samurai Armor Made For Dogs

It’s no secret that dogs have fought alongside their human masters for centuries, so setting them up with a sweet suit of armor seems like the best way to prove that dogs really are man’s best friend. This suit of doggy armor dates back to the Edo period of Japanese history, and even though it wasn’t [...]

Master Chief Helmet Made from Mountain Dew Boxes

This MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor helmet isn’t as durable as titanium, but it’s considerably cheaper. Think of Cryoprime’s helmet as a starter. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Bicycle-Mounted Chainsaw

Yes, you might be able to fight zombies with this weapon. But I think it’s better suited for neighborhood jousting. Who can afford a horse and and armor? Those things are expensive. Just strap your chainsaw onto your bike and charge. -via DVICE | Photo: unknown

Amazing Hand-Crafted Nazgul Armor

The amazing prop creation team over at Kropserkel created this fantastic set of armor and a variety of others as potential Nazgul armor. You could even commission them to custom make your own set of Lord of the Rings Armor, how cool is that? Link

Street Sign Armor

Of course, prudent people are already prepared with full suits of armor in our bunkers, ready to wear. But those of you who are still sipping your lattes and going to book club meetings instead of getting ready for the impending collapse of civilization (hint: robots) should take notes from Ivan Owen. He’ll show you [...]

Man Gets Dumped by Girlfriend, So He Sells the Engagement Ring and Buys Halo Armor

In retrospect, Eric Smith should have just bought the Halo armor directly: Her ring wasn’t perfect. After being reshaped, the white gold band was smudged and uneven. The diamond, instead of a traditional, glittering transparent gem, was a canary yellow, her favorite color. She’d spoken at length about her dream engagement ring, how she wanted the [...]

Overcoming Selection Bias

During World War II, the Royal Air Force asked Abraham Wald, a statistician, to help decide where armor should be added to the UK’s bombers. The RAF gave Wald information about which parts of its planes were typically hit. Wald’s response was simple, brilliant, and surprising: armor the spots that hadn’t been hit by German [...]

Smelly, Sweaty Knights in Shining Armor

Medieval knighthood sounds like a romantic career in fiction. What a life of chivalry was really like doesn’t seem all that great. A team of scientists tried to replicate the work of a knight clad in up to 110 pounds of metal by dressing up volunteer historical re-enactors from the Royal Armories in London, and [...]

Linothorax – Alexander the Great’s Kevlar-like Shirt

Stab- and slash-resistant clothing might seem to be a modern innovation, but there is evidence that Alexander the Great and his army utilized similar technology. Presented at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Anaheim, Calif., the study suggests that Alexander and his soldiers protected themselves with linothorax, a type of body armor [...]

A New Armored Wall to Replace Sandbag Emplacements

The traditional stacked sandbag emplacement of armies around the world may be on the way out. This new portable system called McCurdy’s Armor can be assembled by soldiers with no tools and provide solid protection from small arms and bombs: The armor can be set up in a variety of arrangements (U-shaped, J-shaped, etc.), and in [...]