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Amputee Plans to Climb Mount Everest with a Prosthetic Ice Axe Arm

Jaco van Gass, a British soldier from South Africa, lost an arm in Afghanistan. That’s not slowing him down a bit. He plans to climb Mount Everest, making use of a prosthetic arm that he helped design himself: He said: “I came up with the idea to attach an ice axe to one of my prosthetics, [...]

Are Octopuses Intelligent? It Depends on How You Define Intelligence

If you’re going to evaluate the intelligence of an animal, it’s not enough to measure the size of its brain. Researchers are convinced that octopuses have an intelligence so sophisticated that they can display emotions and individual personalities. But it’s a different sort of intelligence that has to be assessed in a different way: Octopuses have [...]

Inflatable Tentacle Arm

Inflatable Tentacle Arm – $11.95 Are you a sucker for the big eyes of a brainy octopus? We at the NeatoShop are not here to judge you. We encourage you to embrace your inner cephalopod with the Inflatable Tentacle Arm from the NeatoShop. Don’t forget, the Inflatable Tentacle Arm pairs great with the Tentacle Mustache. Be sure [...]

Robot DJs Are Coming, Hide Your Turntables

(YouTube Link) Watch this programmed robot arm, complete with creepy pink hand, scratch away on some vinyl like a true turntablist. I don’t know whether to feel amazed by the programming, or deflated by how easy this robotic arm makes the rhythmic scratching of records look. Either way, it can’t compare until the robot arm is switching [...]

Create Your Own Terminator Arm

T Zero made this arm sculpture from the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day out of spare parts. Then he gives you the process so you can make your own. However, you should be aware that it’s only two inches tall! Still, having on of these on your desk would be pretty cool. Link -via Everlasting [...]

Bionic Funny Bone Transplant

Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic … funny bone? Here’s the story of 8-year-old Josalyn Kaldenberg, who became the first child in the USA to receive the funny bone transplant, a landmark procedure that saved her arm from amputation: Just a few months ago, [...]

A Horrifying "Armed" Robbery

It seems everyone is familiar with the dangers of drug-resistant staph infections and well aware of just how scary they are. As it turns out, they are so terrifying that a woman recently robbed a convienance store using the staph infection on her arm as a weapon. When a worker confronted her, prosecutors said Slusher showed [...]

Karl Merk – Double Arm Transplant In The World | The Health Care Blog

Karl Merk – Double Arm Transplant In The World The recipient of the world’s first complete double arm transplant scratched his head and back and beamed at his doctors Wednesday, saying he was on the path to independence a year after the pioneering operation. Farmer Karl Merk, who lost his arms just below the shoulder in a [...]

Up In Arms

Pull up an armchair -you might be up in arms over this roundup of arm stories from mental_floss magazine! NO ARM, NO FOWL One afternoon in 1972, friends Jack Northrup and Jack Bishop were having lunch at their local drugstore in Olney, Texas, when they realized the strangers next to them were eavesdropping. The pair, both amputees, [...]

Dr. SnakeBot Will See You Now

The sinister looking snakebot to the left may just save your life one day. World, meet Cardio Arm, a “kinder, gentler way to tinker with your ticker”: … a foot-long serpentine robot designed to assist in cardiac surgery. The device worms its way into a patient’s chest through a three-quarter-inch incision in the solar plexus. A [...]