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Doc Ock Arms in Real Life

Ever need an extra pair of hands? So did Federico Parietti and Harry Asada of MIT. They’ve created a pair of semi-autonomous robot arms that you can wear: To demonstrate what the prototype can do, a camera observed a pair [...]

The Missing Links: Stupid Uses For the Moon

A Very Useful Machine Is this the best Rube Goldberg machine ever? If you aren’t familiar with them, first check out what they are. Then watch this incredible example in action: * A Very Useless Machine You’ve seen the world’s most useless machine. Now see it turned into a perfect analogy for our political climate. * There Aren’t Many [...]

The Missing Links: How the Class of ’16 Sees the World

I Can’t Believe “Walk the Line” & “Wear Black” Aren’t On Here It is, after all, a to-do list written by Johnny Cash. * Bringing Down the Big Red Giants Check out these awe-inspiring shots of lumberjacks chopping down gargantuan California redwoods nearly a century ago. * The Class of 2016 Lives in a Weird World This year’s new [...]

Why Does Bad Weather Aggravate Old Injuries?

Reader Jen wrote in to ask, “Why do old injuries ache during crummy weather?” “Oh, my bones are aching. It must be about to rain.” – Everybody’s grandpa, ever. The idea that certain aches and pains correspond with, and can even predict, the weather is widespread, and has been around since at least the days of ancient [...]

Game On: Street Fighter LEGO Minifigs

If you saw this picture and got super excited about being able to buy these guys, I hate to disappoint, but they aren’t for sale. These amazingly intricate Minifigs were actually custom created by LEGO fan Julian Fong. It took him over a year to paint the whole set, so if you want to follow [...]

The Most Dangerous Drug On Earth

Heroin and crack aren’t nearly as addictive and they won’t do as much damage to your body -ok, that last part might be an exaggeration. Sure these syringes may be dangerous, but it’s hard to resist something you can use to inject Nutella into everything you eat. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

The Museum That’s Full of Cats

(Video Link) The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has a dark secret under its floorboards -65 cats. Actually, it’s more adorable than dark, as these kitties aren’t just there to brighten up the place -they have a job to do; it’s their job to keep the museum free from rodents. With that many cats in the [...]

Walt & Jesse As Amigurimi Plushies

Tired of your LEGO meth lab? Then maybe you need one of these adorable little Breaking Bad amigurimi plushies to help act out all of your meth-making fantasies. Aren’t they just the cutest drug manufacturers you’ve ever seen? Link Via BoingBoing

17 Animals that Died During Our Lifetimes

The golden toad is pretty gorgeous. Too bad you’ll never see one in person. They went extinct in 1989: Scientists aren’t totally sure what led to this Costa Rican toad’s decline, but the best theory is that the El Nino weather pattern along with global warming and airborne pollution dried up pools and ponds the toad [...]

A Dutch Company Wants To Colonize Mars By 2023

Some people aren’t content with merely taking pictures on the surface of Mars–they want to plant their flag and colonize the red planet as soon as possible. And by some people I mean the Dutch company behind the project Mars One. Led by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, they propose establishing a human colony and using it [...]