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Nautilus Reading Nook

Alicia Bastian’s Nautilus reading area provides a bit of privacy for a healthy escape into literature. Its segments unfold into a wavy line or can be closed off in a compact space. You can view more photos at the link. Link -via Dornob

Area Code

XKCD strikes again. The system of area codes is old and outdated. I am sure this applies to more than just the US. Still though, I do love rep’ing my 847! Pop quiz- where is 847 from? On your honor(!), no Google – just guess. -Via XKCD

Skywriters Write Out the Value of Pi to 1,000 Places

The value of pi has been calculated to ten trillion places, so these skywriters in the San Francisco area have a bit more to go for their Pi in the Sky project. But keep it up, guys. You’re doing great so far.  Link -via DVICE (where there’s a video)

Glowing South American Roaches

These insects look scary enough in daylight, then they glow in the dark! This remarkable species of South American cockroach, Lucihormetica luckae, owes its fluorescence to bacteria. The spots on the dark brown area of its carapace are pits inhabited by microbes that glow under fluorescent light. A recent analysis of these creatures’ bioluminescence demonstrates that they [...]

Mass of volcanic rocks off New Zealand coast

A large number of small volcanic rocks have covered an area the size of Belgium northeast of Auckland. The unusual phenomenon is comprised of lightwei…

Ancient sunken ‘Doggerland’ unveiled

A vast area of land covering what is now the North Sea has been revealed following a 15-year project. Known as Doggerland, the huge stretch of land wa…

How the Canadian Provinces and Territories Got Their Names

Here’s a little more Canadian history on this Canada Day. Alberta Named in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the wife of the Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. Lake Louise, the village of Caroline, and Mount Alberta are also named after her. British Columbia The name refers to the Columbia District, the [...]

Humongous Conservation Area Created in Africa

A new conservation area called KAZA has been established in Africa that unites five countries and dwarfs previous wildlife conservation programs. It symbolizes cooperation between nations as well as the fact that wildlife doesn’t share our concept of boundaries. Spanning an area of Africa almost the size of Italy, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, or [...]

The Surface Area of Nothing

Redditor splongo asked two questions: If a perfectly spherical ball is sitting on a perfectly flat surface, what is the size of the contact area? Would it not be infinitely small? I’m at a loss for a completely coherent answer. I don’t think that, as a physical reality, there can be a perfectly spherical or flat object. [...]

The Town That’s Been Overcome With Spiderwebs

Wagga Wagga, Australia was recently subjected to some serious flooding. Unfortunately, when the 9,000 human residents were evacuated, the area’s spiders took over, covering the entire area with a white mist of webs. The resulting pictures are equal parts beautiful and creepy and definitely not to be missed. Link