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A few animals have made the deepest depths of the ocean their natural habitat, which means they evolved to withstand enormous pressure. We only get to see these animals by remote camera, unless you happen to be James Cameron. But now Océanopolis, an aquarium in Brest, France, has developed a special aquarium that maintains high [...]

World Map Aquarium

Let your fishies tour the globe from the comfort of your home with this world map aquarium. No guarantees that your finned friends will appreciate being world travelers, but you’ll appreciate the fun to be had pretending your little fishies are pirates and merchant ships battling it out on the high seas. Even better than the playtime [...]


The Taxi agency’s ad for the Vancouver Aquarium reminds us that male seahorses gestate their young. A pregnancy test embedded in the bottom of urinals returns a (presumably false) positive result whenever a man uses it. Link -via Super Punch

Giant 15lb Tasmanian crab saved from the pot

A massive crab has been rescued by a fisherman and is now on its way to a British aquarium. Nicknamed Claude, the giant Tasmanian crab weighs 15lbs an…

Rocky the Lobster

Photo: Maine State Aquarium Love lobster? At 27-pound, "Rocky" the lobster is so huge that if you see him at the dinner table, I’m not sure who is dinner: you or the 40-inch-long crustacean! The [...]

R.I.P. Milo the Sea Otter

(YouTube link) Milo, a sea otter at the Vancouver Aquarium, died from complications of cancer on Wednesday after an extraordinary life -for an otter. Milo, along with a female otter who was rescued from Alaskan waters after the Exxon Valdeez oil spill, Nyac, appeared in a YouTube video called Otters Holding Hands in 2007. That video [...]

9 awesome Hotel Pools

Many of the pools in this list are spectacular because of their location or view, but the pool at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas has a shark aquarium in the middle of it! The salt-water aquarium is separated from the swimming area, but only by glass -and they even have a water slide [...]

Bald Baby Penguin

The parents of a newborn penguin at an aquarium in China rejected him, probably for being unusually devoid of feathers. But caretakers nursed him to good health and brought him back into the colony: The aquarium set up a penguin group to care for the youngster around the clock. After a month of hand feeding the [...]

The Poison in the Aquarium

An aquarium enthusiast who goes by the name Steveoutlaw on forums was poisoned while trying to rid his aquarium of an invasive colony of anemones. To kill it, he boiled the rocks from his fish tank, and accidently inhaled some fumes. He ended up in the hospital, a victim of palytoxin, the second deadliest poison [...]

Massive Home Aquarium Can Hold 4,800 Gallons

In the basement of Jack Heathcote five-bedroom home, you can find the largest aquarium in Britain. In measures approximately 13 by 13 by 7 feet and can hold 4,800 gallons when filled to capacity. Heathcote has to clean it by hand (pictured) by diving in with the exotic fish from all of the world that [...]