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Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool

Dive into the music of the late Les Paul using this pool, which is shaped like a guitar that he invented. The 19-meter long pool was built by the Aqua-Tech Company for a devoted fan with a lot of money. Link -via Walyou

Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Cosplay

On the TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Carl Brutananadilewski is the main characters’ next-door neighbor. redditor magasjaru made this nearly-perfect costume of him for Halloween last year. A true fan, he even shaved his head. And, I see, added fake body hair. That was a nice touch. Link | Previously: Remember the Boston Bomb Scare

Aqua skyscraper

The Aqua Tower is an 82-story mixed-use residential skyscraper in the Lakeshore East development in downtown Chicago. The building’s height of 819 ft (250 m), includes six levels of parking below ground. The building’s eight-story, 140,000 sq ft (13,000 m2) base is topped by a 82,550 sq ft (7,669 m2) terrace with gardens, gazebos, pools, [...]