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Archive: May 2011

Weird (Tasty?) Food Art Part 2 of this highly eatable showcase Absolutely Hilarious Signs! Part 14 of our wildly popular series Spectacular Cog Railways Clockwork Precision & Marvelous Engineering Gargoyles & Grotesques, Part 2 Still frighteningly strange… after all these years Oops! Craziest Accidents (Wow Pics) Part 6 in our highly popular series Nuclear Everything! Atoms in the Air, on Wheels, Rails, etc. May 27, 2011 – [...]

Archive: April 2011

Unusual Musical Instruments, Part 2 Some Odd, Forgotten and Bizarre Sounds Keep Your Eyes on the Ball! (Funny Pics) Everything depends on it. Everything. The World’s Most Powerful Mobile Crane The Apotheosis of All Truck Cranes Extreme Sleeping, Part 2 Tired! (Sleeping, no matter what) Automotive Madness! (Funny Pics) Idiotic drivers and their magnificent machines Intricately Carved Pulpits Stunning examples of religious art Early “Photoshop” & April [...]

Worth A Thousand Words… A Photoblog

Maddox created an entire blog as an April Fool joke and filled it with annoying things bloggers do, like taking pictures of meals, apologizing for not posting, and adding tons of sharing buttons to each post. He received a lot of mail from people who took it seriously. Most messages were criticism, but there were [...]

The Battle of Ft. Sumter

On April 12th, 1861, 150 years ago today, the first battle of the US Civil War was fought at Ft. Sumter, in Charleston, South Carolina. Southern states had been seceding from the union for months, but the US still maintained coastal forts. During the four months leading up to Lincoln’s Inauguration, the seceding states, one after [...]

The Number of the Day: 50,000

McDonald’s plans to hire 50,000 new crew members on April 19 – raising their total number of U.S. employees to 700,000. Related Fact: McDonald’s sells more than 550 Million Big Macs every year. [Sources: CNN Money and McDonald's. See previous Numbers of the Day here. ]

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Early "Photoshop" & April Fools Pranks

“QUANTUM SHOT” #688Link – article by Avi Abrams Have you been April-Fools-Pranked yet? If not, then fall for these quaint examples of “news” from 1938 Yes, the year is 1938. The advent of Photoshop is still fifty years away, but that does not mean that a few facts and realities could not be retouched in time for [...]

Great Moments in April Fool’s Day Online

The internet makes April Fool’s Day shenanigans accessible to millions of people, many of them quite gullible, as any spammer can attest. Here are some of the biggest and best internet pranks from the past few years. 2004: the iShave A German website launched a new product called the iShave, It was supposedly a gadget you plugged [...]

The Reluctant President

George Washington didn’t look forward to being the first president of the nation he helped to create, but there was no one else seriously considered. He was elected unanimously in February of 1789, but was not certified by Congress until April. Because the vote counting had been long delayed, Washington, 57, felt the crush of upcoming [...]

The Most Boring Day in Recent History

According to a computer at Cambridge University, April 11, 1954 was the most boring day since 1900. The computer manages a database called True Knowledge, which stores more than 300 million facts about people, places and events, and it combed through these looking for notable things that happened — or in this case, did not [...]