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Japanese Invention Lets You Kiss a Real Live Girl, Sort of

(Video Link) Why wasn’t this around when I was a teenager?! You kids these days are so spoiled by your newfangled technology. Researchers at Keio University developed an interactive poster of a popular singer that responds (favorably!) when you try to kiss her. This video was posted on April 1. It could be an April Fools’ Day [...]

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Lil Devil’s Trick of the Day

Lil Devil’s Trick of the Day - $10.45 It’s April Fools’ Day! Is your bag of tricks all packed and ready to go? No!!! Well, don’t get caught with your pants down again! Get over to the NeatoShop and get the Lil Devil’s Trick of the Day prank set! This beautiful little ensemble will give you a [...]

Eggs Boiled in Human Urine Are Apparently Considered a Delicacy in Some Parts of China

I hope that Google Translate is mangling this Chinese news story so much that its actual meaning is completely different that what it appears to be. Or that some reporter is playing a joke akin to April Fools’ Day news articles in the United States. That caveat (and wishful thinking) aside: it appears to be traditional [...]