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The Apple Store Home Office

There are people who like Apple, then there are hardcore Apple fanboys, and then there is David Wu: Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely [...]

How Apple Gets You to Touch Their Computers

Every design element of an Apple Store is arranged to subtly encourage visitors to become customers. The computer screens, for example, are angled at 70° to compel users to adjust them. Touching the screen lets users experience Apple products tactility and increases the desire to purchase one: The point, explains Carmine Gallo, who is writing a [...]

Fun Music Video – Zeroes And Ones

(YouTube Link) This quirky music video is for the Baby Seal Club song Zeroes and Ones, and it features a bunch of chickens wreaking havoc on the beet headed employees at an Apple store. It’s poultry flavored mayhem at its finest, and the song ain’t half bad neither! –via Laughing Squid

The Urban Field Guide To Subcultural Tribes

Ever wonder what those freaky guys and gals that hang out at your local watering hole are all about? Don’t get the ins and outs of their particular brand of bad taste, and you want to know what they’re doing walking around looking like that? Well, this field guide to subcultural tribes by artist Rob Dubi [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Ridiculous Reasons to Call 911

Erasmus Wolff / There are only a few situations that justify a call to 911—to report a fire, a medical emergency, or a crime in progress. There are, however, a lot of bad excuses for dialing dispatch. Here are ten. 1. The Jets aren’t in Winnipeg. It might have been criminal to a certain demographic that [...]

Free Cab Rides!

Last time I wrote about Mark Malkoff, he was busy seeing what kind of strange things he could do in an Apple store. Remember? Well, he’s back with another odd initiative: giving away free cab rides all day to people in NYC who tweeted him requests for rides. Check out what happens in the very [...]

The Apple Store: a place you can bring your goat

We’ve all seen the videos of people dancing in the Apple store. But what else can one get away with? Comedian Mark Malkoff—the guy who lived in IKEA, remember?—explores the realm of possibilities… How about you all? What have you done or seen that rivals Mark’s date/goat/pizza???? Let us know in the comments below.

A Shoebox-Sized Apple Store Diorama

Video link That’s right – it’s a wee little Apple Store that fits neatly inside a shoebox. “Why?” you’re probably asking, but I think the real question is, “Why not?” The tiny store (complete with Genius Bar, of course) was made by Gary Katz, who also made this diorama with a working iPad that’s supposed to [...]

Revenge of the Nerds: Low-Tech Crooks vs. High-Tech Gadgets

It should come as no surprise that electronics are a popular target for thieves. Luckily for the victims of these crimes, not all robbers understand the technology they’re stealing. Here are seven stories of low-tech crooks foiled by the high-tech devices they stole. 1. Caught You(Tube) Mark Bao, a freshman at Bentley University, briefly left his [...]

Playmobil Apple Store

The Playmobil Apple Store is a preschool geek’s dream toy! It features the Genius Bar, kid’s corner, sales floor, and a conference room -and comes with over 60 accessories! And get this -you can slip your iPhone in place behind Steve Jobs and animate his presentation! The Playmobil Apple Store is a new item introduced [...]