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Chest Burster Roast & Other Gross Halloween Foods

Nothing like a little edible flesh worm or a bloody brain shot to whet your appetite. These Halloween foods might be scarier than they are delicious looking, but they’re a perfect choice for a Halloween dinner party. Link

Terrifying Bento Boxes Too Creepy To Eat

Don’t you hate it when you lose your appetite because your lunch looks like it wants to eat you?! It takes a lot of guts to chow down on these horrifying bento boxes, and having an affinity for food shaped like internal organs doesn’t hurt. I wonder what they used to make that nasty looking tongue? Link –via [...]

Grand Theft Auto IV Burger in Real Life

Rampaging around Liberty City builds up an appetite, so it’s a good idea to stop at Cluckin’ Bell for a burger. The folks at Gourmet Gaming decided to make that gaming experience real by making their own. You can find their recipe at the link. Link -via Kotaku

Ghostbusters as a Dr. Seuss Book

For those who love deviantART member DrFaustusAU’s The Call of Cthulhu as it would’ve been written by Dr. Seuss, may we whet your appetite for what we hope is the next installment: There Goes a Gozerian, [...]


(vimeo link) An animated short film about a man with an appetite for fine art, by ChezEddy. (via Metafiler)

83 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food

If you have a big appetite and a big stomach, you might use this list of food challenges as a vacation guide. But beware: these offers have rules, like you have to eat everything on your plate in a certain time period to get the meal free. Eateries may have additional rules. LW Pizza in [...]

Tron Trailer #3

Tron Legacy trailers are like candy to geeks, and Disney is savvily dripping them on the Interweb to whet their appetite for the movie. This one, Trailer #3, contains new and very awesome snippets of the movie: Link [embedded YouTube clip] Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About Tron

Hexapods Got Talent

I, for one, welcome our new hexapod overlord … to a dance off! Here’s a video clip of the best dance compilation from the 4th Hexapod Championship in Hagenberg, Austria. They’ll eat the humans after building an appetite dancing: Link [embedded YouTube]