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Moondoggle: The Forgotten Opposition to the Apollo Program

The Apollo lunar landings are, arguably, the greatest achievements in American history. Six times we landed men on the moon and brought them back to Earth. And then, in 1972, we…stopped. We just stopped sending people on this amazing journey. Why? The answer may lay in part with a fact that has escaped widespread attention. Prior [...]

Apollo 11’s Unconventional Life Insurance Policies

You know what’s expensive? Insurance. It’s pricey enough to get life insurance if you have any kind of health issues or you’re a frequent flyer, and nigh impossible if you’re fond of basejumping. But imagine if you were preparing to leave the planet and step outside to walk around on the Moon, and no one [...]

The 12 Men Who Walked on the Moon

In the wake of the passing of Neil Armstrong, many people have expressed sadness at the fact that the Apollo lunar missions were so long ago, and that soon there will be no one left alive who actually went to the moon. Randall Munroe of xkcd addressed that concept some time ago. It’s time we [...]

6 Memorable Letters From Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is remembered as both a “reluctant American hero” and “the spiritual repository of spacefaring dreams.” He was man of few words, but those he chose to share were significant and occasionally, tongue-in-cheek. Here are some notable letters and notes written by the first man on the moon. 1. Its true beauty, however, was [...]

How Movie Effects Fool Your Brain

In this funny 15-minute TED Talk, special effects guru Rob Legato explains, shot by shot, how he made visual effects work in Apollo 13, Titanic, and Hugo. In addition to making great models, he did it by observing what people noticed versus what they saw. A sample quote regarding the Saturn V launch [...]

The American Flags on the Moon Are Still Standing

During the six Apollo moon landings, astronauts left American flags planted into the lunar soil. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has surveyed the moon for the past three years, has revealed that all but one of them are still standing: The photos from Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter (LRO) show the flags are still casting shadows – except [...]

Apollo Moon flags still standing

New images from the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter show the Apollo landing site flags still standing. Experts have analyzed photographs taken by NASA’s o…

Protection sought for Apollo landing sites

Historians are looking to the future with efforts to formally protect the Apollo landing sites. There are hundreds of individual items on the moon tha…

Apollo 18 – could it have happened ?

As Apollo 18 hits cinemas attention turns to the real lunar mission that was cancelled back in 1973. Some conspiracy theorists contend that Apollo 17 …

NASA releases new Apollo site photographs

New images showing the Apollo landing sites taken from orbit have been released by NASA. The images show the final resting place of the lunar 12, 14 a…