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Sky Garage

Problem: You want to be close to your Ferrari and don’t want to leave it at a cold and lonely garage in the basement, but you live in a high-rise apartment. Solution: A car lift that brings you car straight into your [...]

Space Invaders Bathroom

If you’re not in a position to actually play Space Invaders while in the bathroom, this tilework will at least remind you that you should. The architecture studio OneByNine remodeled an apartment in Hong Kong to make the bathroom experience exciting. Link -via Walyou | Studio Website

Aquaria Grande has pools on its balconies

The Indian city of Mumbai seeks to have the first apartment buildings with pools in place of balconies. Some call it ingenius, others call it an archi…

Where Children Sleep

9-year-old Jamie shares a top-floor apartment on New York’s Fifth Avenue with his parents and three siblings. The family’s two other homes are in Spain and the Hamptons. 14-year-old Prena is a domestic worker in Nepal and lives in a cell-like room in the attic of the house where she works in Katmandu. Kenyan-born, English-raised, Venice-based documentary [...]

“Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate” Facing Eviction

If by anything you may be familiar with “The Rent is Too Damn High” presidential candidate Jimmy McMillan from when he was parodied on Saturday Night Live. Well it seems that real life is more absurd then any sketches as the real McMillan who’s only platform is lowering the cost of rent is now being [...]

78-Square Foot Apartment

(Video Link) If you want a really roomy place, you can live in a 90-square foot apartment. But Luke Clark Tyler, an architect in Manhattan, figured that he could do just fine with a cozier place. His apartment, which includes furniture that he designed and built for it, is only 78 square feet in floor space. [...]

Light Switch Time Capsule

When I moved into my new apartment all I got were a bunch of child proof locks on all the cabinets that I had to disassemble. Why not leave a little time capsule for future tenants of your dwelling to discover? Here you can download a template to print out and affix to the inside [...]

What the Vertigo Apartment Looks Like Today

San Francisco: Jimmy Stewart’s Vertigo apartment Hitchcock fans no doubt remember Jimmy Stewart’s San Francisco apartment from the iconic Vertigo. AV Club’s Pop Pilgrims series has discovered that it’s still around today and largely looks the same. You can join them for a little tour in the video above, but if Hitchcock isn’t really your thing, [...]

Transformer Apartment

(YouTube link) Christian Schallert has a 258 square apartment in Barcelona. With some imagination and design help, he remodeled it into a transformable space. Everything is stored away. He opens doors to use the kitchen, and moves things around to have a dining area or bedroom. Link -via Buzzfeed

World’s Smallest Apartment Is up for Sale

An apartment in Rome that measures 55 square feet may be the smallest in the world. And it could be yours for about $68,000. The flat consists of a ground floor bathroom with a shower, sink and lavatory and a ladder leading to a sleeping platform just big enough for a single bed. There is a [...]