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Nepal terrorised by man-eating Leopard

A bounty has been offered to anyone able to hunt down a leopard that has killed over a dozen people. Despite a search by more than 100 soldiers and po…

Someone Has A Guilty Conscience

(Video Link) She won’t even look anyone in the eye because she knows what she did was wrong. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

The Joy Of Purchasing New Beds For Your Pets

I’m sure anyone that lives in a household with multiple pets can relate to this cartoon! You think you’re doing right by buying a new bed, or toy or treat, for each of them, only to find that all they really want to do is to fight over the same spot! Which is why my cats ended [...]

The Cutest Proposal

How could anyone say no to this adorable kitten looking at you with those big eyes and offering you an engagement ring? Newly-adopted kitten Luke helped a thoughtful guy propose to redditor stenston’s sister. Link -via Buzzfeed

Chinese Lottery Winners in Silly Masks

Common advice on what to do when you win the lottery is to not tell anyone. That’s especially hard to do in states where you are required to make a public appearance or have your name published. In China, lottery winners are required to appear on camera accepting the prize, so they have developed the [...]

Bike Helmets Made From Cork And Wood

Anyone who wears a bike helmet while riding knows there aren’t a lot of choices available in terms of style. The main reason behind this lack of style is safety, as traditional plastic and foam helmets have always been considered the safest bet for protecting your skull. Coyle Design and Build wants to change that misconception, with [...]

$2000 reward offered for catching vampires

Politicians in India have offered a $2000 reward to anyone who manages to catch a vampire. While residents of Dharampuri in Tamil Nadu have been stayi…

Bejeweled Eyebrows

Anyone can wear bling, but only the truly avant garde can wear bling … on their eyebrows! Here’s the the hip new bejeweled eyebrows from Chanel: "The inspiration for the make-up look came from a few key [...]

These Critters Sure Love Their Popsicle

(Video Link) Does anyone know if honey dew is ok for kitties and puppies? I certainly hope so because they are pretty darn into this frozen snack.

Good Advice!

Found via Arbroath – does anyone know where this was from?