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America: Land of the Anxious and Home of the Stressed

You’d be excused if you’re feeling a bit anxious given today’s economic outlook, but worrying has become a popular pastime for many Americans, even in good times. Taylor Clark, the author of Nerve: [...]

Girls Have More Math Anxiety Than Boys

If the thought of a math test has you breaking out in sweats, you’d be glad to know that it’s actually a medical condition called "mathemetics anxiety" and that you’re not alone. Math anxiety [...]

Teen Drama at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Gambit wants to get close, but he’s scared of getting hurt again. Will he overcome his anxiety and ask Rogue to accompany him to the prom? Let’s crack open this faux Sweet Valley High cover by Tony Fleecs. Check out his gallery at the link, which is filled with geeky goodness. Link -via io9 | Fleecs’s [...]

New Additions in the Household Cleaning Aisle

I didn’t know that these came in easy-to-carry sizes. But artist Neil Wax has made your life a little bit easier by packing negative emotions, like self-pity, angst, anxiety, and more. You want to give someone blame? Now you can hand it over by the gallon. Link -via Booooooom! | Photo: Skidmore Contemporary Art

Gift Complaint Form

Chris Glass was getting ready to visit friends when he suddenly had anxiety about the gifts he was bringing, so he came up with a brilliant solution. Behold, the Gift Complaint Form: You know how kids can be at a certain age. Sometimes they aren’t the most delicate with their emotions. All of a sudden, the [...]

Pessimistic Pups

My beagle Sadie is a rescue do whose previous owner abused her. She has always been anxious, skittish, and neurotic. She defines obsessive-compulsive behavior, walking around in circles when she wants something or methodically licking her paws. She must be crated when I leave—otherwise the house looks like a robber tossed it. I always thought [...]

Depression in Mom = Depression in Baby and Toddler?

Think a baby is too young to be depressed? Think a again. A new study out of the University of Montreal in Quebec suggests a strong link between depression in mothers and anxiety and depression in infants and toddlers: The longitudinal study of 1759 children, ranging in age from 5 months to 5 years, found that [...]