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Dirty Pool Old Man

Reddit user Climate knows we’re at war with the ants and he’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if it means luring them to their deaths with the promise of hot nude ant action. Don’t worry Antdude, we’ll let you live if you are willing to betray your own. Link Via BoingBoing

Ant Tales by Andrey Pavlov

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov uses real ants to create amazingly cool photographs in the series "Ant Tales": Check out the rest at Andrey’s gallery over at Lensart: Link – via A [...]

5 Questions: Adam & the Ants

This week’s theme covers musical acts that were popular in the 1980s. As usual, each question contains a word or phrase related to the theme (although the question itself will be unrelated). So far, we’ve seen Duran Duran and The Police. Today’s 5 Questions quiz: Adam & the Ants

Scientists turn ants into ’supersoldiers’

A team of researchers has been able to turn developing ant larvae in to a new ’supersoldier’ caste. The ants conventionally have two castes – a solide…

Ants change colour based on what they eat

Mohamed Babu took a set of extraordinary photographs showing ants turn the same colour as their food. He conducted the experiment to placing different…

Rainbow Ants

These ants ate so much that their transparent abdomens swelled up to display their meal color! You can easily tell which ants moved from one blob to another. The photographer is unknown, and there is speculation that the ants are eating drops of Terro ant killer with food coloring added. Link -via The Daily What

‘Zombie ants’ controlled by fungus

The oldest evidence of a parasitic fungus that turns ants in to zombies has been found by scientists. It sounds like something out of the X-Files yet …

Microscopic Artwork by Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan is not your average sculptor and the photo above is not Photoshopped. His tools consist of a microscope and fibers to sculpt miniature figures on the head of pins. With every breath, he runs the risk of accidentally inhaling his art. “It began when I was five years old,” says Willard. “I started making [...]