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Internet Age Jack-o-Lanterns

Only a few days left until Halloween -do you have your Jack-o-Lantern on display yet? Maybe you’re ready for some new and different carving patterns. Reddit is holding a pumpkin carving contest! You can look through the posts and find a horde of wonderful carvings with more added every day. I selected a few creations [...]

Internet Meme Halloween Costumes

An internet meme costume is cool as long as at least a few of your fellow Halloween party-goers recognize what you are trying to portray. Of course, not everyone is a citizen of the ‘net (believe it or not), so you must be prepared to explain yourself to someone who is not familiar with the [...]

Gregory Brothers (Auto-Tune the News) Explain Their Success

The Gregory Brothers are well-known among internet nerds for their Auto-Tune the News video series. The band appeared last week at the Google ZeitGeist conference, and explained how it all happened — particularly how their recent “Bed Intruder Song” entered the Billboard Hot 100 without any label support, and while only available via the iTunes [...]