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In Which Nation Is Beer the Cheapest? USA! USA! USA!

Well, of course! Our national anthem began as a drinking song. That’s the stock we come from. Behold our awesomeness: Analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank, have calculated that it takes a German earning the national median wage just under seven minutes of work to purchase half a litre of beer at a retail outlet. At [...]

Borat theme played at medal ceremony

Organisers were mortified to discover they’d downloaded the wrong song for the Kazakhstan anthem. When Kazakh shooter Maria Dmitrienko stood on the pe…

Christina Aguilera Steps on Lines, Weird Al’s Toes

Yeah, so Christina Aguilera’s interpretation of the National Anthem was a pretty surreal moment. I actually enjoyed the show, as did of the Black Eyed Peas, who tweeted “Xtina sing’n wonderful”, a sort of preemptive show of support in anticipation of the Internet exploding. But one man wasn’t pleased – and that man is Weird. Weird [...]