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The Penguin and the Piper

In 1904, William Speirs Bruce led the second voyage of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition to the frozen continent. The ship, the Scotia, was trapped in ice for four days along the route. While the expedition was stuck, they continued to take geographical and meteorological observations and measurements. But the ship’s bagpiper, Gilbert Kerr, took [...]

Drill team seeks life two miles below the ice

Scientists are drilling down in to the Antarctic ice to seek life in a lake deep beneath the surface. The British research team will use a special dri…

Neil Armstrong’s Giant Leap

Neil Armstrong — astronaut, engineer, professor, Navy aviator, and first man on the Moon — has died at the age of 82. He is best known for the words he spoke just before he set foot on the lunar surface. Contrary to popular belief, Armstrong said (emphasis added): “That’s one small step [...]

Snowmobile Chopper

Weather is no obstacle or excuse for the committed motorcyclist–even the extremes of Antarctic weather. That’s why Bob Sawicki and Toby Weisser, two mechanics at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, built this chopper-style snowmobile from scraps four years ago: “This is what McMurdo is throwing away,” Sawicki proudly pointed out to a visitor gawking at the heavy-framed snowmobile. [...]

Link Latte 185

#185 – Week of August 2, 2012 What if other planets orbited the Earth? – [fascinating video] Science Fiction writers Predict 2012 from 1987 – [interesting] Moon Hanging Down Tower Bridge in London – [cool pic] Letter that Started “2001: A Space Odyssey” – [vintage, cool] Truly Enormous Ship: Blue Marlin – [wow tech] Cool Sculptures made from Twist Ties – [...]

Could palm trees grow in the Antarctic ?

If climate change continues then the Antarctic could be transformed in to a lush forest zone. The prediction comes following the discovery by scientis…

Messing with Mother Nature: The Macquarie Island Ecosystem

The story of the Macquarie Island ecosystem may remind you of the song about the woman who swallowed a fly. The island was exploited mercilessly, but various plans to repair the damage had their own unintended consequences. Introducing a non-native species to control another invasive species can backfire and escalate the situation to ridiculous and [...]

Russian Scientists Drilling into Antarctic Lake “Lost”?

A team of Russian scientists drilling 2 miles into the ice in the middle of the Antarctic to tap the underground Vostok lake that has been untouched for 15 million years has not been [...]

The Traveling Lakes of Antarctica

When Douglas MacAyeal at the University of Chicago gave undergraduate science interns the boring task of digitizing satellite photos of Antarctic lakes, little did he know that he would stumble upon a neat geographical [...]

11 Cold Hard Facts About Antarctica

If you’re planning a trip to Antarctica, here are some things you should know. 1. Nobody owns Antarctica. Although a few nations, including Australia, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, have tried to lay claim to it over the years, it remains free of government and ownership. In 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was drafted, designating the land [...]