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Honeypot Ant

Photo: Greg Hume/Wikipedia It’s a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie: a lair of ants with huge, swollen abdomen used as living food storage. But that, Neatoramanauts, is not science fiction. It’s science [...]

Butt Foam Ant

Don’t mess with the Pachycondyla ant! It has a very unusual way to protect itself when bothered: it sprays venomous foam … from its butt! Alex Wild of Myrmecos explains: Link


(YouTube link) From reading British blogs and news sites, this is exactly the impression I have of modern England. CCTV cameras are everywhere, and in this short film, they never forget, and never give up. This is another of the Max X series by Ant Carpendale and Dave Parker. -Thanks, Ant!

Amazing Photos of Ants Being Awesome

It can be a challenge to get insects to look like majestic, beautiful creatures given how much most humans can’t stand anything with six legs, but as previously featured photographers Ondrej Pakan and Amishboy have already shown us, it’s far from impossible. Andrey Pavlov is yet another photographer with the ability to remind us that there [...]

Can we unlock eagle vision in humans ?

Eagles have such good eyesight that they are able to see an ant from the top of a 10-story building. Scientists have long pondered over the possibilit…

Scientists turn ants into ’supersoldiers’

A team of researchers has been able to turn developing ant larvae in to a new ’supersoldier’ caste. The ants conventionally have two castes – a solide…

Cat Playing Fruit Ninja

First, we got an African Bullfrog playing Ant Crusher. Next up: cat playing Fruit Ninja. The depressing thing is that the feline is much more adept at playing the fun iPad game [...]

10 Seriously Cool Ant Farms

Ant farms are cool in and of themselves, but that doesn’t mean their designs can’t be improved on to look even more fascinating. WebEcoist has a great collection of some of the coolest ant farms around. From flags of different nations to the Clone Trooper farm, these toys make me want to go buy my [...]

Kamikaze Ant

Scientists have discovered a species of kamikaze ant in the jungle of Borneo that blows itself up in a suicide attack in order to save the colony: Several south-east Asian species of ant in the Camponotus cylindricus [...]

When Army Ants Attack!

Photo: Alex Wild That’s an Eciton hamatum soldier ant from the Jatun Sacha reserve, Ecuador, taking a big bite (well, relative to its size) out of Alex Wild’s [...]